Welcome to the Castle of Spirits Audio Ghost Stories Podcast number three! Today we have the following stories for your listening pleasure:

1 - Apartment of Spirits and Shadows
2 - The Grabber
3 - Terrifying Townhouse
4 - My Dear Friend

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If you have a request for a story to be read on future podcasts, please email me at castleofspirits2008@gmail.com.
All sound effects were sourced from www.freesound.org from the following users:

Music - thedweebman, richardculver
Sound effects - thereelfryboy, dobroide, agfx, erh, xserra, cmusounddesign, tomlija, carminooch, fatlane, vetter-balin, altfuture, alucardsbride, kleeb, jasonthedemon, geoneo0, 7778, aderumoro, nebulousflynn, sorts, cman634, obxjohn, samvanzoest, wibwob, klankbeeld, janjanto, adam-n, freeman213sg, dauser, maycuddlepie, pfly, rutgermuller, txispun__ladrido2, mentalsanityoff, d-w
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